Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just Let Go {Written by Tiffany}

Just Let Go is in select theatres and is a highly recommended film to watch. It is based on the inspirational true story of Chris Williams. Be sure to watch it. You won't be disappointed.


On a cold February night in 2007, a devoted father of four and a seventeen-year-old drunk driver both received life sentences. In one violent, devastating instant, each faced a drastically different and uncertain future. But as Chris Williams sat in his demolished vehicle, staring at the car that had just caused the death of his wife, his unborn baby, his nine-year-old daughter, and his eleven-year-old son, he committed to do something extraordinary: he would forgive.

In my opinion:

Just let go" is a touching movie about Chris Williams, who survived a drunk driving accident that killed his pregnant wife and two kids. He struggles to 'just let go' and forgive the young man who caused it.  

Actor Henry Ian Cusick (from Lost) does an excellent job of capturing the pain from losing loved ones. Brenda Vaccaro does an amazing job playing his mother in the film. 
The scripting, acting and direction all come together in an uplifting movie that is well worth experiencing! I loved this movie and was touched by the courage of this man who struggles to forgive and let go. I recommend this movie to all!! 


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