Thursday, March 5, 2015

Oogiebear Review & Giveaway {Written by Emilee}

Are you looking for a new tool designed to safely and effectively clean your baby's nose and ears? Well, look no further, I have the solution. Nina, founder of oogiebear, chose Sweetly Made (Just for you) as one of her top bloggers to send a sample to and I was pretty excited to try it.

What is oogiebear? For parents of young children, oogiebear is the first mucus removal tool that safely and gently removes both sticky and dried mucus from a child's nostrils. Developed by mother and Registered Pharmacist, Dr. Nina Farzin, oogiebear was developed with comfort in mind, offering two unique ends to remove mucus effectively to help children breathe easier and soothe them at a time of incredible discomfort.  
Aspirator bulbs sometimes work for wet mucus, but they're not effective on the dry and sticky stuff. In fact, they often push the mucus further into the nose, making it harder to reach and creating more discomfort for baby. Saline mist can also be effective, but who wants to spray a wet mist inside a sleeping baby's nose in the middle of the night? If your baby is breathing easy and sleeping are you! So, what happens if the boogers can't be sucked out? Oogiebear to the rescue! Oogiebear makes cleaning baby's nose fun! Okay, maybe not fun, but it does work great! It's just one scoop and you're out! A gentler, safer, cleaner and more effective way to get the boogers out.

In my opinion:
Wow! What a concept! The oogiebear is definitely easy to use and it scoops all the dry boogers out. I even tried it on my daughter's ear and scooped all that nasty ear wax out without having to go in too far. And, she didn't seem to mind. It really is a safe mucus removal tool for babies. Plus, I love how there are two different ends to the oogiebear. One end scoops dry mucus and the other end has a loop designed for sticky mucus. Brilliant discovery! I definitely recommend oogiebear to all parents who NEED a better solution. Hurry fast and get one. Oogiebear is perfect for all children and I'm not just saying that.

Now, with that being said...I have one Oogiebear product to give away to a fabulous reader.


Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.    

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