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Jangala Tribal Warriors: Living, Growing and Learning from the heart Review {Written by Emilee}

School is either here or approaching soon...I have a great story to share with all of you. It is called,
Tribal Warriors:
Living, Growing and Learning from the heart
The Jangala Tribal Warriors series is based on the concepts in Tribal Warriors for middle and high school youth. Children are better off when they learn at a young age how to handle their feelings, conflicts and how to have healthy and strong relationships. The concepts are based on positive psychology, a heart-centered use of language and rational thinking skill building. Children learn about non-violence and peaceful living in an effort to stand against violence and for peace and harmony. Most importantly the focus is on their strengths and what is going strong rather than what goes wrong. Building children up from the inside out creates "inner wealth" and in turn creates healthy, positive and nurtured heart families, schools and communities. The accompanying facilitator's guide provides step-by-step guidelines for implementing in classrooms and programs developed by our Lead Creator, Kelly Hollywood-Lehman and Sherry Blair. Jangala is the Sanskrit word for jungle and in this story our Jangala is the rainforest situated in India. Rainforests represent just one of the beautiful natural systems we need in our environment. The Jangala Tribal Warriors live and care for the Jangala and realize at a young age how we are interdependent with our environment. They learn about living, growing and learning from the heart as a way to relate to one another and the characters, although unique and diverse in their own special way, see each other at the heart and soul level. They embrace the beauty of their differences yet interact and relate on common ground. We are honored to introduce The Nurtured Heart Approach(r) developed by Howard Glasser as the language the characters use to speak to one another. Jangala Tribal Warriors Series begins with Living Growing and Learning from the Heart and presents The Nurtured Heart Approach(r) as the universal language in the tribe. Two of the younger characters, Nina and Gabby get entangled in a conflict that stemmed from teasing and we learn how the entire tribe stands together to make change for the better.
 About the authors:

Sherry Blair inspires others by applying and encouraging positivity. Teaching others to speak from their hearts is a key constituent of the work she does. She is committed to nurturing a positive work environment that allows her team of committed professionals to serve children and families in New Jersey's Wraparound Sys of Care in their homes/communities. She has a BA in Psychology/Womens' Studies from Rutgers Univ. She obtained her MSSW in Policy Analysis/International Social Welfare from Columbia University. She is dually mastered in Industrial/ Organizational Psychology and holds her PhD in Management. Sherry is a New Jersey LCSW, a Board Certified Professional Counselor and holds Diplomate Status as a Professional Coach through the Int'l Assoc of Behavior Medicine and Psychological Counseling. She teaches Human Behavior in the Social Environment part-time for the Univ of Southern California, Graduate School of Social Work Virtual Academic Center. She is an Advanced Trainer/Certified Nurtured Heart Specialist and one of the first 300 in the world trained in Dr. Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness Positive Psychology Coaching Program. Nancy Azevedo Bonilla Nancy Azevedo Bonilla was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where her parents emigrated from Portugal. Nancy attended Newark Public Schools as a child and succeeded in all domains. Nancy obtained a BA in Human Ecology concentrating in Family Services from Montclair State University. She acquired a MSW with a concentration in Clinical Practice and an emphasis in children and adolescents from Rutgers University. Nancy has remained true to her area of interest, expertise and above all, her roots. Being a tri-lingual therapist, Nancy has dedicated her career to work with children and adolescents in diverse communities. Nancy is currently a School Social Worker and Anti-Bullying Specialist at the same elementary school she attended as a child within Newark Public Schools. In addition, she continues to work as an In-Home Therapist where she provides psychotherapy to children and adolescents with needs within the community. Nancy is the current Co-Chair for the Nat'l Assoc of Social Workers-NJ Chapter where she co-leads service projects, events, and with her unit, works to create change on a macro level. Remaining true to her roots, Nancy lives in Newark, NJ with her husband Sebastian. Her goal remains to deposit back into the heart of the community that deposited so much into her own.
In my opinion:
 Surprisingly, my four year old listened to the entire Jangala story. I loved the characters and illustrations. I also loved how the story can be applied to our daily lives. I felt that Jamuca was the father and Sherrita was the mother in our lives. And then you have the children, Nina and Gabby. They don't always get along but they try their best. There were other characters but they weren't introduced. I had to explain to my son that I didn't know their names and he was a little bummed. I also felt that Mr. Beamerz and Mrs. Glowee were likened to our Heavenly parents who are always there to help us through the tough times. But, as long as we stick together as families and fight our battles, they will always guide us to Jangala (Heaven or Eternal Life).
Jangala was well written and the illustrations were beautiful. I definitely recommend using the guide which is intended for parents, teachers, and professionals working with children in schools, communities and home based programs. It is a program meant to build positive relationships and to make changes within ourselves to become better. We can only change ourselves and once we do, it will help change our world for the better. I definitely recommend reading Jangala and then implementing The Facilitator's Guide for Jangala in your life. There are also some activities that you can do in group settings, in a family setting or in a classroom. They appear to be helpful and successful for a more peaceful environment.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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