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Fantastic Friday Review {Why I don't hide my freckles anymore}

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"Fantastic Friday Review."
My sponsors, Deseret Book have given me some pretty amazing books lately and I'm truly grateful for the opportunity of reading inspirational stories. Today, I have a wonderful book called,
Why I don't hide my freckles anymore
Edited by LaNae Valentine and Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen
We've all heard the old adage "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." But who is the beholder? Women today are bombarded by harmful messages in society about their bodies and appearance. We often feel inadequate and overwhelmed by the impossible-to-achieve ideals touted in the media. And sometimes our harshest critics are the eyes looking back at us in the mirror. No matter the source, when our image of personal beauty is threatened, it's important to remember who the rightful beholder of true beauty is—is our Heavenly Father. The adversary, ever jealous of our bodies, wishes for us to forget that our bodies are temples. He wants us to resent them as prisons and abuse them with unhealthy words, unrealistic views, and harmful behaviors. But the scriptures help us remember that "the body and the spirit are the soul of man" (D&C 88:15), "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God" (D&C 18:10), and that to discover our royal heritage, we mush look inside, "for the kingdom of God is within [us]" (Luke 17:21). By accepting these truths we are freed to see true beauty in and around us.
The essays in this uplifting compilation, much like their authors, come in every shape and size, but each reaches toward the same conclusion: beauty is truth. And the truth is that everything God created is beautiful, your body included—freckles and all!
Compiled by BYU Women's Services, this volume includes chapters by the following contributors:
Cynthia L. Hallen
Jana Parkin
Jennifer Blaylock
Ron Bartholomew
Wendy Ulrich
Kathryn Soper
S. Michael Wilcox
and many others

About the Authors:

LaNae Valentine is the director of Women’s Services and Resources at Brigham Young University. When she’s not working to support, connect, and empower women she enjoys visiting family and friends, cycling through Utah’s back roads and canyons, cooking, reading, and doing yoga.

Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen finished raising seven children and is having a hard time sitting still. A doctoral candidate at Brigham Young University in marriage and family therapy, she is a managing editor of the BYU Women’s Studies Journal, serves on the board of local arts organizations, writes music with her husband, and walks every morning with her BFF.

In my opinion:
Why I don't hide my freckles anymore was a compilation of perspectives of true beauty. What is true beauty? Eve Scorup said, "Beauty is a virtue that we discover in ourselves as we live in harmony with who we are. It is a virtue that we express as we live genuinely with other people." I loved how this book had many examples of people learning about and finding beauty within. Most of the examples were from teenage years. Some were from being pregnant and learning how to overcome a new body. Another contributor, Karin Brown said, "Your true beauty is that you were created by God." I learned recently what true beauty is. It is when you turn to Heavenly Father in dire need and re-commit to living the gospel 100%. It is through Him, that one can develop true beauty and self esteem. Michell Linford said it perfectly, "Sometimes the beauty is in holding on and fighting when you have no idea how to win the battle. Sometimes the beauty is in continuing to believe when you can't imagine things ever getting better. And sometimes the beauty is in doing our part and then waiting on the Lord. At some point, God picks up the ashes and gives beauty instead."
I definitely recommend picking up this delightful book and reading it. I learned a lot about beauty and know I'm not alone in the journey.
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