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Marvelous Monday & Review {Living in the Eleventh Hour by Robert L Millet}

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"Marvelous Monday & Review."
Today, I have another wonderful book to share with my audience. Lately, I've been reading inspirational and uplifting books so I can continue with a happy spirit.
Let me introduce a book by
Robert L. Millet
Living in the Eleventh Hour
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Just as the scriptures teach us that the Second Coming of the Lord will be "at midnight" (Matthew 25:6), so the signs of the times teach us that "midnight" is close at hand.  In Living in the Eleventh Hour, author Robert L. Millet points our minds and hearts toward the future—to the glorious day that lies ahead. This encouraging work not only assists us a Latter-day Saints to recognize and better understand the signs of the times but also reminds us of our individual responsibilities as we prepare ourselves and the world for the much-anticipated return of Jesus Christ. Filled with uplifting quotations from Church leaders, insightful scriptural texts, and engaging personal experiences, this timely book inspires us to live today as if He were coming tomorrow.  Brother Millet's faith-building message is clear: Steadfastly doing the small things that allow us to live each day with faith, rather than fear, builds our trust that the Savior's return to earth to rule and reign will be a glorious and welcome event.

About the Author:
Robert L. Millet, an Abraham O. Smoot Professor and former dean of Religious Education at Brigham Young University, is a professor of ancient scripture and a lifelong scholar of the last days. After receiving bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU in psychology, he earned a PhD from Florida State University in religious studies. He has served in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a seminary teacher, bishop, stake president, and member of the Materials Evaluation Committee. He and his wife, Shauna, are the parents of six children.

In my opinion:

In the preface of Millet's book, he told us exactly what he would discuss. He said, "This work has been written with those evens in mind. My intention is not to frighten but to fortify; not to startle but to solidify; not to be sensational but to be sound. My hope is to remind us of prophetic principles we need to know, the deeds of discipleship we need to do, and, perhaps most important, the kind of person we need to become in order to feel peaceful and prepared when the Savior returns in glory." And that he did.

Are we prepared? We do not need to fear the second coming. Millet said, "The greatest preparation we can make today as we anticipate tomorrow is to attend to the small and simple things that come before us each minute and hour of each day." Millet had a lot of profound things to say in his book and I appreciated him as an author. He continued by saying, "We too have a labor to perform. We too must conquer Satan, the enemy of all righteousness, so that we too may rest our souls in the kingdom of God and enjoy life on a celestialized earth with God and Christ and our families forevermore." 

His words spoke directly to my heart. And I'm going to continue to quote Millet because his words were brilliant. He also said, "We need help. That help comes to us from God and is mediated through his Holy Spirit." It makes me happy that we have help and that we can turn to the Lord during hard times. We are all trying to do our best and Millet helped me realize that we need to spiritually prepare for the final days.

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