Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Toddler Tuesday {New Series: Busy Bags}

Lately I've been into making busy bags for my three year old. 
I decided to switch things up and create a
new series called,
"Toddler Tuesday."
Obviously, I'm not able to do this weekly. I have two children-one who needs attention 24/7 (Eli-3) and the other who needs constant care and special attention (Elizabeth-6 months). If you don't know what I'm talking about, see previous posts for more information.
So, I decided to create a Busy Bag Exchange Group on Facebook. There are 13 members and each member is responsible for only one month per year. I took January to get the job done. I decided to make a caterpillar ABC game as well as a hide the mitten game.
Caterpillar ABCs
This one was super easy to make. I had a ton of cardstock scraps that I wanted to use up. First, I punched out 26 circles and 1 yellow circle for the face. Then, I glued on antennas and eyes. Then, I drew a cute mouth for the face. I laid out all of the circles and wrote each letter from A-Z. Now, my son can put his letters in order. He can also spell his name and when he is older, he can make words. You can also use foam letters instead of paper.
Hide the mitten

I found this one on Pinterest. There are a ton of great ideas on Pinterest so be sure to check them out. All you do is make a mitten template, cut out mittens using six different colors. Then cut out a circle and it is time to play hide the mitten. The first person hides the mitten while the other players cover their eyes. Each player takes a turn to guess which colored mitten the snowball is hiding under. You can also repeat the rhyme,
Snowball, snowball
Cold and round!
Behind which mitten
Can you be found?
This game is also good for Preschool or Mommy and me school or on a snow day. Then gather your snowballs and have a snowball fight. You can make snowballs out of yarn. Create several pom poms and let the game begin. I actually got some from Whoopdwhoop found {HERE}. What?? You don't know what Whoopdwhoop is? Check it out. It is awesome! You swap creations with other people's creations.
Thanks for tuning into Toddler Tuesday. Next week, I have another fun busy bag that includes Beads. So, be sure to come back and check it out.

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