Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorite Affiliates Friday {FunBites}

Okay, so I'm in the mood to create new titles.
So, here it goes...Today on
"Favorite Affiliates Friday,"
I wanted to share one of my favorite companies that stands behind the sentence, "We make food fun."
The company is...
Have you heard of them? Well, if you are a dedicated Sweetly Made (Just for you) fan, you would know a little about FunBites. It does make food fun. It also helps those picky eaters actually eat. I'm not joking.
I had a picky eater over one time and I used the green squares product and he ate the food I cut. His mom later told me that normally her son doesn't eat that particular food item and I knew FunBites was the solution. The best part about FunBites products is the easy cleanup. All I do is rinse and place both parts together in the dishwasher. Super easy!

"FunBites creates bite-sized fun shapes that even the pickiest eaters can't resist. Each pack includes a high performance curved blade cutter and matching popper top to pop out the bite-sized shapes. Try New FunBites Placemats featuring up to 6 puzzles that let kids' imagination soar. Helps develop motor and logical thinking skills as they play!"
I haven't tried the placemats yet but they look super fun and easy for kids.
Valentine's Day is coming up....
FunBites is perfect for Valentine's Day.  One of their most popular products cuts kids food into heart-shaped bite-size pieces that moms and little ones will love for the Valentine's Day season. Isn't that cool or what? I actually love the heart shaped cutter. I'm looking forward to using it on Valentine's day.
If you purchase any of their products, be sure to use the code FreeShipNow for free shipping. Also, check out the Ultimate Bundle Section to save 45%. 

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