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Try it Tuesday & Review {The Clicker}

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"Try it Tuesday & Review."
Recently, I had the opportunity of teaming up with Hilary Weeks. I was personally contacted by her and felt honored. Have you heard of Hilary Weeks? She is a singer, songwriter, author and inspirational speaker. I was privileged to meet her at a Time out for Women event. She was amazing and created a new product called,
The Clicker.
I didn't know anything about The Clicker so I asked my sisters and they both knew about it.  Where have I been and why didn't I know about it? Well, it turned out that they were happy for me. They were probably more excited about what I was offering on my blog. Nevertheless, I was ready to try the clicker.
As you may know, "clicking" is a way of training our minds to focus on and think about the positive.  The Clicker Kit contains the tools one would need to begin clicking - a clicker, wristband, Think Happy Be Happy sticker, Blank sticker (to create their own design) and an engaging booklet explaining the concept of clicking!
We become what we think about. We think about that which we focus on. Clicking is about learning and developing what we focus on. There is a important, vital connection made each time we think something positive and recognize it with a "click." The click matters. Let the clicker journey with you - around your wrist, your arm, in your pocket, your purse, your backpack. Click away!
Features ...
Beautiful and inspirational packaging    
Introduction to clicking booklet    
Think Happy sticker    
Design your own sticker    
Free positivity pack download when you enter your clicks

Available in 8 different colors!

RED - Symbolic of strength, power, determination. Qualities that will not let you give in or give up - ever. You have amazing planted inside you - now is the time to let it grow!
BLUE - Trust, stability, confidence. All qualities represented by the color blue. Let these characteristics inspire your clicking journey. Life is about becoming - trust who you are meant to become.
BLACK - Stands for authority and strength. You will need both as you focus and direct your thoughts. There is power in change. There is meaning in transformation.
GREEN - Represents growth and harmony. When your thoughts are in harmony with your true self, growth happens. You will grow. You will be different tomorrow. See your amazing potential.
PINK - The color of self worth, order and love. There is a place deep in your soul where these qualities live. Each time you breath, think, click you nourish and feed each one.
YELLOW - Energy. Joy. Cheerfulness. These are the characteristics of yellow. To embrace these is to embrace the wonder and delight of the human spirit. You are meant to soar. You are an optimist.
WHITE - Light, goodness - the color of perfection. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. Each new positive, uplifting, believing thought moves you forward, upward...towards all that is light-filled and good.
ORANGE - Creativity. Enthusiasm. Success. Orange. You can create you. You hold that power. Step forward and let your wings take over.

Story Behind The Clicker:

 My name is Hilary Weeks and I am a wife, mother, singer, songwriter, aspiring cook, mostly-dedicated-exerciser and... believer in the power of our thoughts. began with a single click...and that first click was simply an experiment.
I heard someone say we think over 300 negative thoughts a day. I was compelled to find out if that was true. So I bought a clicker - and started counting. Each day for one week, I clicked and counted my negative thoughts. After seven days of clicking each discouraging, gloomy, depressing thought - I felt discouraged, gloomy and depressed!

With that realization, the experiment changed. What would happen if I clicked all of my positive, uplifting, optimistic thoughts? Would I feel positive, uplifted and optimistic?
That is exactly what happened. Clicking heightened feelings of motivation, strength and confidence I had never felt before.

I began sharing the idea.
The concept of "clicking" has spread. Thousands of people have become "clickers" - noticing and giving power to every positive, encouraging, motivating thought through clicking.

And now, we invite you to join us! Become a clicker! Flood your mind, life, home, community...and the world with optimism. We will measure our clicks as we click toward one billion - but the results of our clicking will be immeasurable.

Think of the impact one positive thought can have. Now multiply that by a BILLION and watch the world around us change.

About the Author:

Hilary Weeks grew up in a home filled with music. Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, she began playing the piano at age eight and wrote her first song at age fourteen. Her first recorded song, “He Hears Me,” was featured on the 1993 EFY album, and from there Hilary quickly became a favorite in the inspirational music industry. She has released eight solo albums, has been featured on numerous compilation albums, and has been the recipient of multiple awards from the Faith Centered Music Association. Her most recent album, Every Step, reached #6 on the Top Current Contemporary Christian Billboard list. She also published her first book in 2009, Believe in What You’re Doing, Believe in Who You Are. Hilary and her husband, Tim, reside in Lehi, Utah, with their four daughters.
In my opinion:
I received the yellow clicker and was excited to learn all about it. First, I read the introduction to clicking manual. I loved that the creation of The Clicker began when Hilary started a personal experiment. Who knew that it would change her life? Our thoughts definitely change our lives whether it be positive or negative.
The Clicker is a simple idea yet it came at the right time in my life. I know Heavenly Father was watching out for me and knew exactly what I needed-The Clicker. It is basic. All you do is click every time you have a positive, happy thought. Plus, you can bring it wherever you go to continue the positive thinking process. I started thinking about everything I was grateful for and counted those toward my clicking. I thought about everything in my life (family, daughter, son, extended family, friends, prayer, Home, God, church, ward, being a stay at home mom, loving husband and father to my children, etc etc) and felt gratitude. Click. It seemed that I was thinking more positivity just to click.  I told my three year old that when he had happy thoughts to click the Clicker. He didn't quite understand but he loved changing The Clicker. I tried to remain calm while he played with it. I thought, well, I get to start The Clicker over. Awesome. Click. The Clicker is a very powerful tool and can train any mind to "Be...Happy, Energized, Determined, Motivated, Courageous, Strong, Inspired and Powerful."
This week will be challenging due to family issues so The Clicker will be useful. I'm excited to keep on using my Clicker for a more positive outlook on life. Thanks Hilary for the wonderful product. I appreciate it more than words can say. Click!
Use coupon code EMILEE834 to order a Clicker Kit from and you will get a FREE clicker, sticker and wristband ($4.99 reg.) in addition.
These word make perfect stocking stuffers for your entire family. Are you a youth leader for your church? The Clicker would make awesome gifts for children, youth, adults, elderly, etc etc. Make a difference in someone's life by giving them The Clicker this Christmas season. Be sure to use the coupon code for the Free clicker, sticker and wristband.
Thanks Hilary for the awesome deal!
Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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