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Wonderful Wednesday Review {3 Craft Books Giveaway}

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"Wonderful Wednesday Review,"
I have three wonderful craft books to share with all of you. Who loves to be creative? Well, I sure do so I was thrilled to find a package with not one but three books by my door. I was so excited to browse through each one and make a plan of action.
First, I received a book titled,
Flip Dolls & Other Toys
That Zip, Stack, Hide, Grab & Go
by Laura Wilson

Flip Dolls & Other Toys playful approach to sewing will inspire you to fill your children's playroom with Cheshire cats, smiling crocodiles, and dragons turned knights. This fun guide has 27 stuffed toy projects that flip, zip, snap, stack and move. Additional suggestions for customization include choosing wild fabrics or surprising color combinations. Page after page of these clever toys will literally turn your expectations inside out with projects such as the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly, a vampire who becomes a bat, and an ordinary doll that transforms into a superhero.
With you basic sewing tool kit listed in the Betting Started section, and the easy-to-follow templates, you can make perching birds, bouncing bunnies, endearing robots, and so much more. Each craft lists the experience level needed and feature illustrated steps to make the entire process seamless.
These eye catching creations will become the talk of your next baby shower or birthday when gifted. And if you can't bring yourself to part with them, they'll make unique nursery decorations (if you can keep your hands off). Innovative and interactive, these toys have a classic feel with a modern twist that will spark your child's imagination. The hardest part will be deciding which project to begin first!
About the author:
Laura Wilson is a designer and illustrator who lives between Memphis and Nashville, TN. Her creative work has been featured in many publications and websites, including Craftzine; Sew, Mama, Sew!; Whip Up; and Kid's Crafternoon Sewing. Find her online at
In my opinion:
I first read the introduction to learn more about Laura Wilson's story. It took her time and a lot of trials but she mastered it and created some really fun sewing projects. My favorite section in the book was, "Hide, Seek & Go because it had a purpose. I loved the peekaboo turtle because you could make a few different colored shells for your child to play with. I also liked the Nuts n' bolts Robot. It comes with a vinyl window on his tummy so your child can find all of the treasures. I always love I-spy games and I know that my three year old would love it as well. But then again, I liked the Bright Ideas Computer. I love that children can draw and pretend to work on a hand made computer. What a clever idea!
Laura Wilson is creative and brilliant. Her idea of a Superhero flip doll was fabulous! Instead of making two characters, you're making one character in two different costumes.
The more I looked through the book, the more I wanted to buy a sewing machine to get to work. There were so many fun projects and each one came with its own difficulty level-Easy, moderate and advanced. I think I'll stick with the Easy projects at first and work my way up to the advanced projects. I definitely recommend this book. It is fun for the whole family!
The second book I received was
75 Creative Exercises from 18 Artists
by Jenny Doh

Pick up a pen or pencil, make a dot, draw a line, do a squiggle, and allow your inner artist to take center stage! With Craft-a-Doodle, discover unexpected ways to make something uniquely you.
Doodling continues to surpass new heights of popularity among all ages and creative interests. This book will inspire students, seasoned crafters, or moms wanting an outlet to create. Projects range from the abstract to the literal. There are no solvents to mix, no sealants to spray, and no glue gun to heat. Craft-a-Doodle makes it easy for those looking for some noncommittal, creative fun.
Contributors such as Mafalda Laezza will show you how to transform tissue paper into hot air balloons. Gemma Correll makes it easy to turn a piece of yarn into an illustrated scene. You'll learn to doodle in unexpected ways: doodle on rocks, with ink splatters; even turn your doodles into works of embroidery. Many of the doodles feature colorful brush-tip makers, watercolors, colored pencils, ink, gel pens, and other appealing materials. These creations are so fun you'll want to display your doodles for all to see.
About the author:
Jenny Doh is the former Editor-in-Chief of Somerset Studio magazine and the President and Founder of Jenny serves regularly as keynote speaker across the nation to deliver messages related to creative passion, authentic leadership, effective communication, and focused compassion. For her leadership in publishing and the art and crafting community, Jenny was recognized by Folio as one of the magazine industry's top 40 leaders, influencers, and innovators. Jenny is the author of several books, including Hand in Hand and We Make Dolls (both Lark). She lives in Santa Ana, CA.
In my opinion:
This was a fascinating book. Each artist was different but unique. They all had a lot of imagination and creativity. They came up with their own doodle character and they made it seem super easy to do. Are you a doodler? If so, this is the book for you and/or your daughter, spouse, son, grandchild, etc etc.
I especially liked Corinne Dean's monster a day. She explained that if you doodle a monster a day, it will help you to get into the habit of doodling and to challenge yourself to come up with lots of variations on a simple idea. Also, Julie Armbruster uses her dog, Swizz as a way to draw different animals with the same face. In this book, there are 75 creative exercises from 18 artists. Explore the playful world of doodling with Craft-a-Doodle.
The third book was
Journal Your Way
by Gwen Diehn

Custom tailor a journal that's just right for you! With step-by-step illustrations and instructions for more than sixteen formats and 10 cover styles, Gwen Diehn celebrates the art of making and using a personalized journal. Inspiring images showcase a rich variety of working journals, fascinating sidebars introduce longtime journal keepers, and nine lucky recipients of customized, handcrafted journals from the author share their own pages. Two additional insert booklets, Bookbinding Essentials and Choose Your Own Bookbinding Adventure, explain basic techniques and guide you on your journaling adventure. Whether you're an artist in need of a sketchbook or a vacationer searching for the perfect place to write notes and store snapshots, you'll find it right here!
About the author:
Gwen Diehn has exhibited her artwork internationally and worked in many private and public collections, including the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington. She has taught college art as well as workshops for many years and is the author of several other Lark books, including The Decorated Page, The Decorated Journal, and The Complete Decorated Journal. Her Live & Learn: Real Life Journals (Lark) was listed as one of the top ten crafts books of 2010 by Booklist. Gwen lives in Swanannoa, NC.
In my opinion:
Writing in a journal has been a struggle for me throughout my life. Some days, I get really into writing every detail of my days and other days, it feels like a chore. This book gave me a clear perspective of why journaling is important. I never thought about determining exactly what I want in a journal experience. I always thought that all I needed to do was write down the significant events in my life. In this book, you will learn how to determine the type of journal that will best fit your activity, create a design, choose the materials and book forms, build the journal using your design and use your journal in ways that will deepen, broaden and enhance your activities, projects, travels and relationships. There are actually ways of building your own journal which may seem time consuming but in the end you will see the result of your work. If you love writing in journals, this is the perfect book for you to gain more insights and learn different ways of journaling.

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