Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Birthday Crafts {Bowdabra}

Recently, it was my son's 3rd birthday and we had a blast. I planned a "Fireman" themed birthday party and decided it would be fun to visit our local fireman station. When we arrived, the firemen got a call so we waited till firefighters from a different fire station came. It was sort of fun to see the fire truck speed away with its siren on. In the meantime, we were able to open gifts and play some games. When they arrived, they showed the children their fire truck and even let them sit in the driver's seat. Then the original firefighters arrived and showed the children the water hose. They had fun spraying the water. Afterwards, we went back to my home to eat pizza, cake pops and other fun goodies. I sort of went ALL OUT. I tend to do that but I love planning parties so it was pretty easy for me.
Here are a few photos...
  {And of course I give credit to several different companies}

Fireman shirt done by

Fireman Printable Collection done by
{The hats were from Firehouse Sub}

Party bags done by
{I added name stickers}

Cake pops done by

Eli and Mommy

The "fire" cupcakes were made by me.

Overall, it was a really fun party! The children loved the fire station especially Eli.
 And since I'm a Bowdabra Design member I was happy to create a couple birthday projects for the month of July. First, I wanted to create some decor for the table so I created some fireman buckets. They are pretty basic but if you add a pretty Bowdabra bow, the end result is fabulous.

For the full tutorial, go {HERE}

I also wanted to create some fun napkins to place around the table. Here is a simple tutorial for Fireman birthday napkins {HERE}.

  There are plenty of fun Bowdabra tutorials so be sure to check them all out {HERE}. I've enjoyed being apart of Bowdabra's Design team. There are some pretty creative individuals. Hope you can get some inspiration for your own birthday parties. Thanks for checking out Sweetly Made (Just for you).


  1. What a fun party! Your son is one lucky little boy. Love your favor buckets and napkins. :-)

  2. Save all your party stuff, so if I have a boy, I can save myself a lot of work and use all your stuff, wink, wink.

  3. Emilee your party looks like so much fun! You are looking great with your pregnancy, too! Thanks for sharing all of this and we are going to feature you on Friday in our Feature Friday segment! Keep on rockin it! Susie @Bowdabra


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