Saturday, June 8, 2013

Sweetly Made Saturday {Santa (Jack in the Box) Christmas Stocking}

Happy Saturday!
Today on
"Sweetly Made Saturday,"
I wanted to showcase my adorable Christmas stockings that I recently completed.
This time, I made two Santa (Jack in the box) stockings for a client. This pattern was the first one I used to make a Christmas stocking. Back in 2005, my Grandma taught me the basics of knitting and I made my first Christmas stocking for my niece, Emma. Now, I knit stockings for other people who are interested in expanding their Christmas stocking stash. I also love the size of these stockings. My client wanted a smaller size so I used the smallest needle that I had. The needle is a little sharper but I love the stocking.
If you are interested in purchasing some Christmas stockings for your family, please let me know soon. I only have about 13 spots left and they will fill up. I'm also having a baby at the end of July. Of course, that won't stop me from knitting so don't be alarmed. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

If you would rather knit this stocking yourself, you could always purchase my PDF knitting pattern found {HERE} or check out my other patterns {HERE}. Happy shopping!
Thanks for checking out Sweetly Made (Just for you).

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