Thursday, July 19, 2012

Try it Thursday & Review {Fashion Art Projects}

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"Try it Thursday & Review."
Today, I wanted to share with you a wonderful fashion crafting website called,
"With teenagers and young adults in mind, is home to trend based fashion ideas, home decor inspirations and other DIY designs. Users will be inspired by the weekly projects that teach sewing techniques, how to refashion clothes and how to add fashionable details to their wardrobe and home. The projects featured use affordable fashion craft products available for purchase at Walmart."
In my opinion
Upon receiving a sample box full of products, I decided to share them with my sisters and their children. Last Friday was "Field trip Friday," so I invited them over to my home for a craft day. We had a blast! First, we had to read the instructions to familiarize ourselves with the products. Then we created, feeling a little nervous. However, once we did the first project, we felt skilled in the fashion department. It was an awesome feeling! Here is what I received free of charge from

Zip Screen Butterfly

I love throwing parties! I knew exactly what to do. First, I used a throw away table cloth that I bought from Walmart. Then, I laid out all of the products. Then I waited for my guests to arrive...

My niece, Malissa wanted to spray paint a tote. She did straight lines using a paper towel as a guide. In a few days, she is going to use one of the glitter sheets to put the letter M and a heart in the center. So creative!

My sister Cassie wanted to use the Zip Screen butterfly to paint on her daughter's white shirt.

Here is Claire. She is waiting for my sister to finish her butterfly shirt.

Cassie was a little nervous to use the paint but I think she did a great job. She added some rhinestones once the shirt dried.

Isn't the shirt adorable? It wasn't too hard either. I absolutely loved the rhinestones pack. The rhinestones come in a case that allows you to slide the top to the right color. It was well made and easy.

My other sister, Tiffany cut out a heart using a glitter sheet. Becca added rhinestones which made her shirt complete. It was super cute as well.

Tiffany also made her other daughter, Catelyn a similar shirt using the glitter pages.

So cute! And she says she isn't creative. I think anyone could use these products from They are perfect for ANYONE who loves to create. 

 We had a fabulous day of crafting thanks to Thanks again for sending me a sample box of products. So, if you are doing a craft day, check out these sites or find these crafts at your nearest Wamart.


Happy Crafting!



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  2. That looks like a lot of fun!


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