Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweetly Organize IT

This week on
"Sweetly Organize IT,"

I wanted to show you what I did to organize my coat closet.

I thought it was organized but it definitely needed a new look. I don't like messes and this sure was a mess.


{I forgot to take a photo of the other things that were next to the games but this was pretty much what it looked like}.

First, I took everything out on the top shelf. I thought it would be useful to have flashlights close to the garage but it was getting a little out of control. I also had shoe polish, light bulbs and a picture album. Why did I think these things went together? I wanted this closet to have our coats, purses/backpacks, iron/ironing board and games.

Notice how crowded the games are. How could anyone pull one out without all of the other things falling down? Does that sound familiar to anyone? It is better to be neat and organized. I love containers and baskets. They are an easy and simple solution. 

Second, I went to Target to try and find some fabulous baskets. I bought two.

Third, I placed Eli's puzzles/games in one basket and all of the other games/puzzles in the other basket. Now, all I have to do is lift the basket out and allow Eli to play. It is so much easier. Now, I don't have to put the puzzles together. I can throw them in the basket. I just make sure ALL of the pieces go in. Eli is pretty good about playing in one area.

I also bought some hooks to hang purses and backpacks.

Ahhh! My new and improved closet. I know I've organized this coat closet in the past but now I feel really good about the end result.

Does anyone have advice about cleaning out a coat closet? What did you use to organize? Another point is to buy an iron holder to hang on the side wall. It wasn't in the budget so I'll have to wait on that one.

Thanks for tuning into "Sweetly Organize IT." Until next time...


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