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Sweetly Organize IT

It is another fabulous week of
"Sweetly Organize IT."

I has been awhile since I last posted anything regarding organizing but I thought I would share with you my wonderful party for Eli's 2nd Birthday. So, you might have guessed the "IT"-How to organize a party.

The birthday party was perfect!
I love throwing parties especially when my guests are happy. I started planning Eli's party a year ago. That way I could find great deals on the decorations I needed.

Do you have a party to organize? Are you getting stressed out about it?
Well, here are a few tips and the layout I used to organize Eli's 2nd Birthday party.

First, grab a notebook and pen and start planning with these key points...

When-July 7th 10-11:30am
Who-Jaymeson, Jordan, KJ, Eliza, Claire, Zoe, Jessica, Catelyn and Ben (names of all your guests)
Favor Bags-Wooden train, wooden whistle, train shoelaces, clips for the girls and star crayons/train coloring pages
Food-train cake, ice cream cups, cake pops, popcorn, animal crackers, pretzels, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, celery, carrots and pineapple
Decorations-black duct tape for tracks outside, railroad sign, welcome sign, red/white sign, Elijah's banner, flower pom poms and balloons
Schedule-10-10:15 Arrivals, 10:15-10:30 train ride, 10:30-10:40 That's not my train book, Pin the nose on the train and Hey conductor, 10:40-11 food, 11-11:15 gifts, 11:15-11:30 Play with train, pass out favor bags, say thanks and goodbye
Table 1-blue tablecloth, picture of Eli, wooden trains, cups, napkins, forks, plates, cake pop display
Table 2-Plates, water pitcher, train basket (for napkins/forks), four containers for Log Car, Steam Engine, Animal Car and Produce car, two bowls for ranch/fruit dip-tender car
Clothes-Eli wore blue shirt and overalls
Photographer-Tiffany and Cassie (This is important because the host doesn't have time to snap all of the photos)

It is a great idea to take photos before the party begins. Here is a clear photo of the decorations inside my home.

Baggage Claim-Here are the children's favor bags. I also displayed Eli's birthday party invite in a frame.

I decorated the night before to give myself plenty of time to do last minute touch ups.

I used duct tape for the train track. I also made the red/white sign with construction paper and cardboard boxes. The yellow sign was from my sister's friends party.

The cake pops were perfect for the children and parents. I would suggest having someone else make them. That way, the stress is off of YOU.

This is a simple way to display snacks for your guests. It was about $5 for the blue containers and train basket. Look for deals! I also cut out circles for the tires.

Log Car=Pretzels

Steam Engine=Popcorn
Animal Car=Animal Crackers

Produce Car=Fruit Kabobs, celery and carrot sticks

Tender Car=Fruit dip and ranch

Make a simple cake to sign to your son or daughter on their special day

Here is the favor bag items for the boys

Here are the favor bag items for the girls

Sometimes you need a little help!
Many thanks to...

Simply Sweet Parties- Invitations, Choo Choo All Aboard The Eli Express sign, Water Tower, Steam Engine, Animal Car, Log Car, Produce Car and Tender Car signs
Wal-Mart-Wooden whistles ($1 for 2), food, plates, balloons, cups
Target-Blue Containers ($1 Section), Eli's overalls ($8) and hat ($2)
Hobby Lobby-Train basket ($1.40 Easter sale-90% off)
Emily Fuller-Water tower
Maceys-Balloons .35 cents each if you bring your own (They were super nice and they have some special stuff they put inside the balloon to make it last longer)
Micki Jo Rogan-Cake pops (She is amazing!!!)
Randy Man's Wood Shop-Wooden Trains
WhoopdWhoop-Wooden Trains-Sonia Barton, favor bags-Joanna, star crayons-Jazmin K, train shoe lace cards-Cassie
Walgreens-Eli's photo but the thanks should go to my sister Tiffany (We took the photo at This is the Place Heritage Park
Tiffany-Flower pom poms
Me-Elijah's banner (I knitted it last year for his first birthday party). Oh and I made the train cake.

Be sure to add some of my pictures to Pinterest. I would love it if you did! 
Thanks for checking out Sweetly Made (Just for you).

I appreciate your support.
Here are a few more photos of the party...

Yes, I borrowed a train from my sweet neighbor Jimae. Thanks again Jimae! 
That made the party a success!!!

Mommy and the birthday boy! I also passed out stickers that read, "Happy Birthday Elijah."

Family photo

Surprise! My brother Jason came to the party. He didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Here is my sister, Tiffany. Thanks for all of your help.

Jaymeson and Eli

Zoe and Eli

Jessica and Eli

Ben and Eli

Eliza and Eli

Jordan and Eli

It is a good idea to take a picture of each of the children with the birthday boy/girl. I missed a few people like Claire, Malissa and KJ.

Overall, the party was fun and fabulous. 

Good luck on organizing your birthday parties. Hope these tips helped.

Stay tuned to next time on 
"Sweetly Organize IT."


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  1. great job Emilee. Nothing short of a fabulous party. You are very clever as always. Looks like we missed it.


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