Friday, July 27, 2012

NEWS/ Alzheimer's Quilt goes on nationwide tour; adds 'virtual' quilt project

Wow! I continue to receive wonderful and important things to share with my readers.
I am almost overwhelmed but am absolutely happy to do it.

Today, I wanted to share the following information about AFA:

"The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) announced that it is taking its signature AFA “Quilt to Remember” on tour to at least 10 cities in 2012 and 2013 in conjunction with a co-sponsored educational series about dementia. The quilt was first introduced in 2005 as the nation’s first dementia-related quilt (modeled after the AIDS quilt), and the only one of this large a scale, the physical quilt has amassed nearly 150 large-scale, colorful panels from individuals and organizations, with scores of others in the works. When laid out side-by-side, the emotionally-charged panels, which measure four-feet or eight-feet square, equal the size of an Olympic swimming pool."

Wow! That is so amazing!

"Also, AFA is adding a new component to the initiative, and recently unveiled a virtual quilt on the project’s Web site, It enables people to easily and instantly honor loved ones—instead of or in addition to crafting a traditional quilt. The virtual quilt has already garnered nearly 100 squares since it went live in early July. Online contributors can select either a stock image—hands engulfing a heart, various flowers or a red heart—or upload a custom photo, and write a personal message to appear on their square."

Be sure to check it out and let me know if you participated. 
Thanks for the support! I appreciate it.


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