Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

Welcome to
"Whoopdwhoop Wednesday,"
where I get to share with you some creations I receive from other swappers.
Have you heard of Whoopdwhoop? It is such a wonderful website. I am in love with it!
It's FREE, EASY and FUN! All you do is swap your creations with another swapper. You receive whoops depending on how many whoops you think your creations are worth. All you do is pay to ship the items. Or, you could always get your neighbors to sign up and then you could swap with them. It is so much fun!
Here is what I've received recently...
two wooden fire trucks from Sonia Barton

I received many items to put in Eli's Easter basket including:

Peeps from my sister, Cassie

Hot wheels car and notepad from Wendy

Knitted bunny (mine has a bow tie) from Joy

a bunny and chick hand puppet from Cassie

My Easter basket was pretty full but it was fun to have toys for Eli to play with instead of candy.

Be sure to check out whoopdwhoop and sign up {HERE}.
Thanks and enjoy your day!


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  1. Emilee you are a crazy whooper! I'm not sure how you keep up. I have no listing now because I had to catch up. Now I'm all caught up and ready to do a new post this weekend, YAY!


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