Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

I absolutely love
"WhoopdWhoop Wednesday."
In case you just started following Sweetly Made (Just for you), I'll explain...
Whoopdwhoop is a website where you could trade your creations with other creations. You earn whoops and then you can get some amazing things.
There are so many fun creations that you could swap with your hard earned whoops.
It is always nice to have cards on hand in case you can't make it to the store.
And, Robyn Bobbin makes some of the cutest cards.
These can be found {HERE}.
She always has new creations so be sure to check it out.
These winter tree cards are perfect for winter birthdays. I used them for my sisters birthdays.

Don't you just love these Pink Mary Janes?

Or, how about these pretty birds.

Join Whoopdwhoop {HERE} and have fun swapping with others.


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