Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

Here is another fun item I received from
If you know me...I love to plan ahead. My faith is pretty firm so I went with it and ordered this cute onesie.
I don't have a baby girl but Adrian and I have always loved the name Elizabeth.
So, hopefully, I will have a girl next.
I know what you are thinking...are you crazy?
Why, yes but you never know what will happen.
And, maybe I will have a girl and name her Elizabeth.
That would work out great!
I didn't want to miss out on a great opportunity.
So, now I have a onesie with Elizabeth painted on it. So cute!

And, I received a pink clip for the baby's hair.

Check out the tiny flower on the bum. So cute!

So, here is to the future...whatever it beholds.

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