Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

Have I told you how much I love
"WhoopdWhoop Wednesday."
(Be sure to enter the Whoopdwhoop challenge/giveaway found {HERE}. It ends TODAY!)
The reason is pretty clear. I get to swap some of my creations with other creations.
Of course, I do have to pay to ship the items but everyone has to. So, it pretty much is a win-win.
Well, to me that is...
My favorite swapper is
She is fast and has some really cool items. However, I think we are the only swappers. Well, at least we swap with each other A LOT.
I received these really cool aprons and since I don't sew, it has been fun to swap with her.

So, of course I had to get the argyle one for Eli and the dot one for our next child (it could be for a boy or a girl). Also, I had to order one for myself so we could all match. Then I had to order another argyle in the bigger size for when Eli grows out of the smaller size.

Okay, so I'm crazy and now I'm a crazy whoopdwhoop. I think I'm addicted.
Seriously, there are so many fun creations.
Now, Eli and I can bake and continue to have
"Make it Monday"
(I used to have it on my other blog)

So, please oh please sign up with WhoopdWhoop. I would love to swap with you!

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