Thursday, March 8, 2012

WhoopdWhoop Challenge/Giveaway Winners are...

Thank you so much for taking on my WhoopdWhoop Challenge!
I'm excited to announce the winners.
But, before I do...
If you haven't joined WhoopdWhoop, you are definitely missing out so be sure to check it out {HERE}.
It is worth it!
I also wanted to thank all of the wonderful volunteers that donated their items for this awesome giveaway.
I couldn't have done it without you so I appreciate your williness.
Okay, now on to the winners...
The winner of an adult or kid sized apron is...

#15 Sankat
"I totally love Wendy's "Stick family stitchery" Adorable!

I would make an adorable cross stich to trade with her."
The winner of one of my knitted headbands is...

#11 Linda :)

"I am on whoopdwhoop.... My name is Linda and I love to swap :)"

The winner of the Not so big Big Bag Blue is...

#21 Confusion Central

I love the 3 stone earrings. I would trade a hemp necklace or bracelet for that.

Skyfire on whoopdwhoop

The winner of the chalkboard vinyl is...

#16 Sankat

I am following Whoopdwhoop on facebook.

And the winner of the matchbook notepads and Little Cinch Backpack is...

#6 Joy

I am a whoop "shop" is Joy

Thank you all so much for your support. I apprecate everyone that helped me with this challenge/giveaway.
If you were one of the winners, please contact me within 48 hours or I will choose a new winner.
Thank you so much!



  1. YAY! SO excited!
    AND....I'm trying to come up with some super cute things that I can swap on whoopdwhoop. :D

  2. SanKat is super lucky these last two days! Go Kat!

  3. Thanks :) Just getting your luck :)

  4. So cool. I never win anything. Thanks! :)


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