Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirty-One Catalog Party

Hey's Emilee from Sweetly Made (Just for you).
 I desperately need your help!!!
Do you remember when my "sweet" Thirty-One consultant, Kerry Perkinson
gave away a $20 Gift Certificate?
That sure was nice of her.'s time to give back to Kerry
I wanted to help her out by having a

Catalog Party.
Doesn't that sound awesome?
You don't even have to leave your home. Wow! Another great incentive to join the party.
Do you love to party in your PJ's?
All you do is...
1-Check out Thirty-One products found {HERE}.
This is my personal party link
2-Purchase 1 or more items
3-Kerry will ship it to you
4-Enjoy your new wonderful products.
Here is a litle preview of what is inside the fun catalog...oh but before I get to the products...let's check out the March 2012 Customer Specials...shall we???
The deal is...for every $31 you spend, get the multi-fabulous $22
Mini Utility Bin for just $8 (save $14). Check out these awesome and fun styles...
Aqua Circle Spirals 

 Black Parisian Pop
Lotsa dots


Textured Twill
And there are so many ways you could use these awesome utility bins. Here are a few suggestions...
Bathroom supplies, hair-styling products, stuffed animals, diapers, garden supplies, junk bucket, flowers, sports equipment, baby shower gift, quilting fabrics, mother's day gift, candy and snacks, pool gear, EASTER BASKET (Easter is coming up-perfect idea!), pantry, car trash can, centerpiece, wedding shower gift, craft supplies, fashion supplies, socks, dog toys, car wash supplies, teacher gift, mail, hand towels, books, graduation gift, newspapers and toy trucks. Did I name enough? They are origianlly valued at $22 but this month the special price is only $8 per bin. Wow!
Here are a few of the items found in the Catalog...
Just a way to get you excited!!!

Apple Blossom Tote

(Love this!!!)

Cindy Tote

Soft Wallet-Flutter
Celebrate Card Set- $31
(Only $1 per card-what a deal!)

Did you see something you absolutely loved?
I saw many things that I fell in love with. I loved the baskets and utility bins.
Thirty-One is new to Utah so if you are interested in joining Kerry's team, go {HERE} to find out more details. Kerry is a wife and mother of four children and a proud director for Thirty-One. She would love to have you join her fun and exciting team.
Please be sure to check out the catalog. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for your support!
Love you!

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