Friday, March 2, 2012

National Craft Month Bowdabra Giveaway

Have you heard? 
It is National Craft Month on the Bowdabra blog.
What does that mean?

"Bowdabra celebrates the many uses of ribbon with our National Craft Month Giveaway! Each day in March there will be a new post or posts with multiple ways to entire our giveaway. Each post brings more entries into our contest. Giveaway begins March 1, 2012 and ends March 31, 2012 at midnight eastern time. Winners are chosen randomly and will be announced April 2, 2012 at"
Wahoo! So, be sure to check out the bowdabra blog everyday till March 31st. And, guess what?
I'm participating in the party. I will be posting a craft that goes along with the theme,
"Many uses of ribbon."

 The tutorials start on March 18th.

Here is the schedule...
March 18-Cozy Home Scenes
March 19th - Sewing & Crafting with Sarah or Friend

March 20th - Blissful & Domestic

March 21st - Bowdabra Friend - MommyRantings

March 22nd - SewWoodsy

March 23rd - Susie QT Pies

March 26th - The Little Giggler

March 27th - Maggie's Cat House

March 28th - Friend or Sewing & Crafting with Sarah

March 29th - Sweetly Made Just for You
So, come back here and check out all of the crafts as well as my tutorial on March 29th.
It will be one wild and fun party.
Thanks for following!

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