Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mod Podge Ribbon Easter Eggs and Bowdabra Sponsored Giveaway

March is National Craft Month 
so I'm pleased to be apart of Bowdabra's special event titled, 
"Celebrating the Many Uses of Ribbon."

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me a chance to decorate my home in spring colors. Use mod podge, newspaper and ribbon to decorate plastic Easter eggs for an easy Spring look. Display your new eggs in a glass container or as a centerpiece.

You'll need:
-Plastic eggs
-Mod Podge
-Paint brush
-Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
-Assortment of ribbon
-Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool
-Bowdabra Bow Wire
-Bowl of water
-Vase or glass container (full display)
-Variety of fake flowers/twigs/leaves

1-Start by cutting or ripping small pieces of newspaper. Soak these pieces in a bowl of water and place on an Easter egg. Using Mod Podge and a paint brush, adhere the newspaper pieces to the eggs. Continue placing the newspaper all around the egg. Put aside to dry.

2-Glue a thicker piece of ribbon strand around the egg (purple checker ribbon). Next, glue a thinner piece of ribbon onto the thicker piece (purple ribbon with dots). Glue grosgrain ribbon around the edges of the first piece of ribbon. Glue another piece of ribbon to the bottom of the egg and wrap around to the other side. Set aside.

3-Place the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler onto the Mini Bowdabra. Cut a piece of 18" Bowdabra Bow Wire, fold in half and place in the Mini Bowdabra. 

4-Fold the ribbon in half to find the center piece. Make a crease in the center. Place the ribbon at the crease mark down into the center of the Mini Bowdabra. Grab the very end of one side of the ribbon. Fold the end piece right side down into the center of the Mini Bowdabra. Grab the very end of the other side of the ribbon. Fold over the first ribbon loop and right side down into the center of the Mini Bowdabra. The two ribbons will form an X on the top of the Mini Bowdabra towers.

5-Press bottom piece down into the Mini Bowdabra. Do the same thing with the top piece. Use the Bowdabra wand to scrunch down the ribbon.  While the bow is still in the Mini Bowdabra, thread the two loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire through the loop at the other end. Gently pull the bow out, separate the two loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire and bring them around to the back of the bow and knot. 

6-Thread one end of the wire into a button, knot and cut off any extra wire. Glue onto the top of your Easter egg.

7-Glue a ribbon loop at the top of the egg. Place plastic eggs in a vase along with twigs and fake flowers. Hang your ribbon eggs on the twigs. Have fun decorating your home with these Easter eggs.

National Craft Month Giveaway Sponsored by Bowdabra

I am pleased to be part of Bowdabra's National Craft Month Giveaway. Bowdabra is celebrating the many uses of ribbon throughout the month of March! Bowdabra is sweet enough to give my readers additional chances to enter in their giveaway! Exciting right!

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Prize Packages:

  • Grand Prize – Ribbon totaling in value of $150.00

  • 2nd Prize – Bowdabra, Mini Bowdabra, and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler Suggested Retail: $41.54

  • 3rd Prize – Mini Bowdabra and Hair Bow Tool & Ruler Suggested Retail: $24.11
Visit Bowdabra's National Craft Month Giveaway Page for a list of all the posts (each day in March a new post is added to the list), contest rules, and contest help.



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