Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

It is another wonderful week of
"WhoopdWhoop Wednesday."
Check out the WhoopdWhoop challenge/giveaway that I have going on {HERE}.
So, I'm trying to build WhoopdWhoop since only a few people actually swap. But, it sure is hard.
So, please sign up {HERE} and start swapping with other talented individuals.
I've gotten some amazing things and it has been fun getting to know my fellow swappers.
I received these fun stones in red and blue, yellow and green.
Eli loves playing with them.
And, there is a game that you can play which is similar to jacks.
So, when Eli is a little older, I'll teach him how to play.
Now, he just likes to throw them and put them in the bag.
You can also teach your toddlers:

 Check out HollyDays for more fun creations including the 5 stones.
Thanks and I hope we will be swapping with one another soon.

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