Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Challenge {Giveaway}

This week on 
“WhoopdWhoop Wednesday,”

I originally teamed up with Wendy to challenge all of you to join WhoopdWhoop.

And of course….
When there is a challenge, there is a giveaway!

Then, I had other whoopdwhoopers join in the fun.

There will be FIVE winners…Wahoo!
(So, if you have been here before and saw only 3, it has changed to 5)

Wendy has graciously offered to give away an adult or kid sized apron. 
And let me tell you, I love her aprons. I have four of them.
Wendy also has other fun things in her shop found {HERE} and she has a cute blog found {HERE}.
Isn't this the cutest apron ever?

I decided to give away one of my button up headbands ($10 value).
You may choose red, light pink, rose heather, off-white or orange.
Check out my shop on whoopdwhoop found {HERE}. I normally sell these fun headbands in my Etsy shop found {HERE}.
These are perfect for the winter!

Also, Sonia has offered to give away this cute
Not so big Big Bag Blue ($49 value).
(I just love the name)

Sonia also has some other amazing purses found in her whoopdwhoop shop. They are actually from her Etsy shop so we are so lucky that she posted them in whoopdwhoop. She can be found on facebook found {HERE}. Sonia also has a fun blog found {HERE} so be sure to check it out.

Robyn has also offered to give away some wonderful items. She wants to give away I'll also give away your choice of either: 1 large chalkboard vinyl (to be used on the wall, fridge, wherever...)aprox 7x10 scalloped edges. Her blog is found {HERE} so be sure to check it out. She makes some pretty impressive cards. Her shop on whoopdwhoop is found {HERE}.

And....Sky has offered to give away
a set of her matchbook notepads and a Little Cinch Backpack.
She has a cute little blog found {HERE} and her whoopdwhoop shop is found {HERE}.

What is the purpose of the challenge/giveaway?
We decided that it was time to recruit other talented individuals to swap their creations.

Why should you join WhoopdWhoop and what is it exactly?
Well, WhoopdWhoop is a “currency free creative marketplace.”

“You can list any creative endeavor you would like to swap with others, including but not limited to: Photography, Art, Jewelry, Handmade Items and Paper Crafts. Please remember, anything you add should be Family Friendly. And it is open to the U.S and Canada. All you have to do is pay to ship the item to the receiver. A whoop is what you swap for the creation you are requesting. It’s also what you earn when you successfully swap your creation with someone. A whoop is earned by adding creations to your store, accepting swaps from others, marking swaps as received, leaving feedback after the swap is complete, signing up for the newsletter, and inviting friends to join whoopdwhoop.”

Do you sew, knit or crochet? Do you love to scrapbook or make beautiful cards? 
Do you love making crafts and receiving other crafts in the mail?
I absolutely love getting mail (except for the bills). It has been so much fun receiving creations that other people made. And, it can help your business. Well, I know I’ve helped out a few people by purchasing some of their Etsy items. Also, you could stock up on gifts for baby showers, teachers, birthdays, holidays, etc. It is definitely worth it!

Oh and did I mention that it’s FREE, EASY and FUN to sign up.

So, what’s the challenge?
I’m so glad you asked!
The challenge should you decide to accept it…is to join WhoopdWhoop and swap your creations.

How to enter the challenge/giveaway…
(Please leave your email address with one of your comments so I may contact you if you win)

(I've changed it to make it a little easier for you)
1 entry-Check out WhoopdWhoop found {HERE} and tell me your favorite creation and one item you would swap for that item.

Additional Entries

5 Entries-Join WhoopdWhoop found {HERE} and list 1 creation (Please tell me your shop name).
1 entry-If you already joined, leave me a comment and your shop name.
1 entry each-Post this giveaway on your blog, twitter or facebook.
-Follow WhoopdWhoop on facebook found {HERE}.
-Follow WhoopdWhoop on twitter found {HERE}.

I hope you have as much fun with WhoopdWhoop as I have.
I promise, it is going to be a lot of fun.

The giveaway will go till March 7th and the winners will be 

announced on March 8th.  That gives you 2 weeks to create one 

item. I’m sure you already have something in mind so just do it. The 

winners will be chosen by



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  2. Shared this on my facebook page! :)

  3. I would trade my blue beaded bracelet for the Silouettes vinyl.

  4. My favorite creation is the "Left Behind" Print, I would trade one of my custom rings for it.
    I have joined Whoopdwhoop and listed an item
    I also have an etsy shop called Fizzy Kat Creations.
    I follow on Twitter and Facebook and I have posted a blog posting

  5. I am on name there is Joy

  6. I am a whoop "shop" is Joy

  7. I have been trading for Laci's jewelry lately...she makes beautiful earrings! I knit and have some bows.

  8. I love all the flower clips! There are too many of them to choose from!

  9. I am on whoopdwhoop.... My name is Linda and I love to swap :)

  10. I love the peep toe booties! So cute!

  11. I totally love Wendy's "Stick family stitchery" Adorable!
    I would make an adorable cross stich to trade with her.

  12. I am following Whoopdwhoop on facebook.
    sankat21 (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  13. I really like the peep toe baby shoe pattern. I would trade one of my jumbo paper clip bookmarks.

  14. I joined WhoopdWhoop a long time ago but just added my first item to swap. My Shop name is Seven Alive.

  15. I like whoopdwhoop on facebook.

  16. I shared this on my Facebook page.

  17. I love the 3 stone earrings. I would trade a hemp necklace or bracelet for that.

    Skyfire on whoopdwhoop
    skyfire97 @ yahoo. com


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