Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweetly Made Saturday

Hey everyone, it is another week of
"Sweetly Made Saturday,"

When I first started knitting, the
Santa (Jack in the box) stocking was my first knitting project.
I knitted this stocking for my niece, Emma who is now 12 years old. Yikes!
Where has the time gone? Well, I guess she was about 7 at the time but still, my nieces and nephews are growing up fast.

Yesterday, I had a snowman party and invited all of my nieces and nephews.
Some of the older kids were "Too cool" or too old which was sad to me. Overall, the party was fun and I was able to catch up with an old roommate so that made me happy. Thanks Mary for taking the time to come to my silly party.

So, when I received an order for two Santa (Jack in the boxes), I was thrilled.

These Santas seem so jolly and I even added sequins.

The first stocking I made was a bit smaller but now all of my stockings are pretty big.
I used my grandma's supplies so I might have used a smaller knitting needle.
I don't think anybody complains too much about the size.

Here is the back of the stockings-a simple Christmas tree.

If you would like to order early for 2012, please let me know.
I am also creating some PDF knitting patterns so check them at my Etsy shop found {HERE}. I already have a snowboarder, penguin and red/white striped Christmas stockings in a PDF pattern. So, if you know any knitters out there, do me a favor and spread the word. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


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