Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

I love "WhoopdWhoop Wednesday"
because I get to brag about what I received.
There are some pretty amazing and talented people out there.
Luckily, I've met a few from WhoopDWhoop.
Have you ever heard of WhoopDWhoop?
Well, I threw out a challenge and I got 0 responses.
You are definitely missing out!
I've gotten some pretty sweet stuff just for trading a few of my knitted headbands.
Today, I wanted to share with you this beautiful baby hat.
And no I'm not making any announcements. I just like to plan for the future in case I do have a girl next.
I am pretty far from that idea but I'd like to get closer.
Anyway, this is what I received...

I especially love the bow on the left hand side.
It only cost 1 whoop. Wow!

Michelle from Michelle523 made it.
Check out our other creations found {HERE}.

If you'd like to join WhoopDWhoop, go {HERE}.
It is pretty easy. If you aren't familiar with my WhoopdWhoop challenge, it is on the top of my blog under Giveaways/Challenges so be sure to check it out. Thanks and have a fantastic Wednesday.

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