Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Wednesday

This week I wanted to share with you what I found on
WhoopdWhoop so it is another week of
"WhoopdWhoop Wednesday."
Have you ever heard of WhoopdWhoop? If not, you are missing out. Check it out {HERE}. I've found some really amazing crafts. All you do is trade whoops for fun crafts.
I've been planning Eli's 2nd Birthday party for a few months now. I'm doing a train themed party. Eli loves trains!
So, I was happy to find these wonderful wooden trains.

This is my favorite because it is stained and the wheels move. It measures 5 inches long. It is 2 1/2 inches at it's tallest points. I think Eli likes playing with it as well.

Aren't these fun or what? I just love them.

This one will be a center piece since it is a lot bigger. I have another one to match. Wow! I sure was lucky to find Sonia Barton.

Sonia Barton's husband Randy has a WoodShop on Etsy found {HERE}. He sells trains, train whistles and doll houses. He is amazing! I think I cleaned them out because I bought five more of the white trains (the middle picture) for Eli's friends goody bags. And, they gave me a discount. Thank you so much Randy. You are truly talented.


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