Friday, January 20, 2012

WhoopDWhoop Challenge

A few days ago I posted a challenge for all of my followers.
It is the WhoopDWhoop Challenge.
Check out WhoopDWhoop {HERE}.
It is way awesome!
All you do is:
-List your creations
-Earn whoops
-Trade whoops
-and get stuff

It is that easy!
I've gotten some pretty sweet things such as wooden trains, scarfs, onesies, gift bags, shirts, etc. You only have to pay to ship the item to your fellow swapper. And you get to meet some pretty talented people.

This is what I was able to swap for....

So, here is the challenge...

1-Go {HERE} and sign up.

2-List 1 or more creation(s).

3-Come back here to comment to let me know that you signed up.
(So far, there are no comments)
Those that sign up and comment will be entered into a drawing...

If 10 people sign up, I will give away one of my knitted headbands.

If 25 people sign up, I'll give away two of my knitted headbands. If 50 people sign up, I'll pass out. No I'm joking, I'll give three of my headbands away. They are perfect for the winter so be sure to sign up.

If you have already signed up, leave a comment saying that you added another creation to your dashboard.

Thanks and have a fantastic day.



  1. Just found whoopdwhoop a couple days ago and already listed 2 things. Can't wait to get my first swap because I found several things I like. :)


  2. My whoopdwhoop account name is Skyfire. :)


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