Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweetly Organize IT

This week for
"Sweetly Organize IT,"
I wanted to show you how I organized my master bathroom.
It took about five minutes and I did it while Eli was in the bathtub.
I used the same idea that I used for my son's bathroom.
 I used these fantastic bins from Target (in the $1 section).
They are larger than the other bins I used and were $2.50 each.
What a deal!

Here is the before

Basically, I took everything out and cleaned out the cupboard. 

I put towels in one bin and toilet paper/cleaning supplies in the other bin.
Everything fit perfectly!

Pretty easy, right? It pays to buy the right bins for your home. It was fun and fast.
If you have any organizing tips, please let me know. I love to read your comments!
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