Monday, December 5, 2011

Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer

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I thought I would take a different approach and share my thoughts on the
Emergency Essentials Food Storage Analyzer.

 "The Analyzer allows you to calculate the estimated length of time your food storage will last based on age, gender and number of people (according to USRDA guidelines). It also includes current nutrition levels in your food supply, as well as helps you understand how to balance the nutrition with future additions.

The Food Storage Analyzer™ helps manage various types of food storage in one program. You can combine dehydrated food, freeze-dried food, wet-pack (canned food from the grocery store), MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat), "just add water" meals (such as Mountain House), and more. You can even enter your own custom products."
In my opinion...
I believe we all need to be organized and prepared for any emergency situation. You never know what will happen to your home or family. So, the question you have enough food storage for your family?

Well, check out the Emergency Essentials Food Analyzer to see how well you are doing. The Anaylzer has step by step instructions so you won't feel overwhelmed. It basically gives you a "wake up" call as to where you are with food storage. We don't have a lot of food storage but I continue to save extra money to purchase the necessary food items for our food storage. I tried out the Anaylzer and we have about 15.21 days of food. Wow! That is really low but we are just starting to collect the Emergency Essential cans. Did you know they last up to 20-30 years? That is why we buy them. I know one is suppossed to rotate through their food storage on a daily basis but we have a different approach. The Anaylzer also is a great tool because you can plan out what you need and purchase it right away. You can even "generate order from your next order." It is super easy to use. So, be sure to check out Emergency Essentials Food Storage Anaylzer. You could even score a free $10 gift card.

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