Monday, October 31, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Hey bloggers...are you ready for
"Sweetly Organize IT?"
Well, this week I wanted to show you that I re-organized my bathroom drawers.
I was so tired of them!
So, finally I went to work and even cleaned them out.
My son loves to get into the bottom two drawers so we shall see how long they will stay organized.
I also wanted to get rid of the things we don't normally use. I'm trying to "use up" shampoo, conditioner and lotion. I have so many samples and travel sized bottles. I just want to get rid of them.

Here is my drawer.

Here is Adrian's drawer.
(It may not seem dis-organized to some but to me it is)

Bottom drawer that Eli loves to play in.



Now I am feeling much better.

Here is the after shot of Adrian's drawer.

So clean!

I love that I changed the countertops. It is so simple, I love it!

Have you re-organized your master bathroom? Please share your comments. I would love to hear them!


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