Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Do you remember two weeks ago on
"Sweetly Organize IT?"
I'll refresh your memory...
I shared some of my mom's thoughts on
"Getting rid of clutter."
Well, lately I've been going through my home and trying to get rid of clutter.
I sure have accumulated a lot of things! My basement is full of containers of stuff. Yikes!
So, I was given a few more containers from my mom. Yes, I still had some of my things stored at her home. And she was ready to pass them on to me. One container contained baking equipment. I looked through the entire container and asked myself a few questions...
(using my mom's notes)
-what do I need?
-what can I give away?
-have I used it?
-will I use it in the next 6 months-1 year?
I have one cupboard that contains baking things so I decided to organize it.


Eli likes to look in this cupboard so I thought I would re-arrange it so that he wouldn't break anything.


I was clever to put some cake pans in the cake holder. I also put the longer pans by my glass pans in another cupboard. Most of the "stuff" in the container is going to the DI. I just don't need any of it anymore. I kept the train, Mickey, Popeye, Christmas tree and Donald Duck pans. After I went through the container, it was completely empty. I found "home" for everything and now I have an extra container. I will probably use it for Eli's old clothes. I was quite proud of myself.
Have you gone through a container yet? If not, choose one and get rid of clutter. 

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