Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

This week for "Sweetly Organize IT" I wanted
to organize my coat closet.

Oh how lovely it is? Yuck. It looks like I just threw everything in and called it a day.
I figure for a coat need coats which I have (check) and since it is located right next to the family room, you need games.

So, first, I took out everything. Eli had a great time with all of the new things. Of course they are new to him because he has never seen them out of the closet. Yes, it has been that long since I've organized our coat closet.

So, it was time to make a change.
Then, I used white hangers for mommy's coats and black hangers for daddy's coats. I arranged them by color. Our scarfs were also hanging with the coats so I found an empty container and neatly placed our scarfs inside. I still need more tape for my label machine so when I do get that....I will make A LOT of labels. I am behind on that area. Stay tuned...



I neatly stacked the square games together and put them in the center. Then I took the rectangle games and placed them to the right of the other games. I also put our light bulbs next to the games. I added the scarf container, our portable DVD player and our marriage book (still don't have a clue where to put it).




Then I cleaned the floor and placed our ironing board/iron, vacuum and tool box back in the closet.

It makes such a difference when things are neat and orderly.
Have you cleaned out your coat closet yet? Any tips for me?
Thanks and have a wonderful week.

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  1. I'm far too scared of our coat closet to clean it... it may be easier for me to just move. :)

    Nice job!


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