Monday, August 15, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

I just love organizing!
It thrills me and I feel so much better when things are scatter free.
I guess I get it from my mother. Thank you!
So, it is another week of
"Sweetly Organize it."

What do I have in store for you today?
Well, last week I was at Target and found a coupon organizer for $1.
I was so excited because I was getting tired of using this binder.

So, I took out all of my coupons and sorted by month. I thought it would be easier so that once the month was over, I could just throw out the coupons I didn't use.
Now, I don't have to cut the coupons and place them in the slots. I was using those baseball card inserts and it was taking way too long.

Here is the lovely coupon organizer that I found at Target. Isn't it a beauty. There were some fun colors too.
I guess I'm into turquoise. I love that color.

Also, there were 12 dividers. Perfect!

All I had to do was write on the labels that were included and place them on each tab.
So easy!

Then I put the coupons in according to it's expiration date. Now, I just have to cut those coupons and place them in. Wahoo! This will be so much easier than my other plan.

Now, I just need to learn how to save even more on the grocery bill. How do those extreme couponers do it? I watched an episode last night and the lady had been at the store for six hours. Yikes! I guess I don't have the time to put towards couponing. I guess I'll just save about $10 each time. That is better than nothing and I'm not wasting my whole day doing it.

Does anyone have a couponing story or advice for me? Please let me a comment. Thanks and have a wonderful week.

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