Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Today for "Sweetly Organize IT," I decided to organize Eli's bathroom cupboard. It was getting pretty messy. Plus I was motivated to organize it before my mother n' law came to visit. Hee hee.

Does anyone else get motivated to clean/organize when visitors come to visit? Well, I definitely do.

So, here is what I did...

First, I took everything out and wiped it clean. That is a pretty basic step.


Next, I found some baskets in my home. I am trying to use what I have instead of going to the store and buying more stuff. However, sometimes I need to go to the store for labels or containers.

Anyway, I rolled up the mismatched towels and put in one basket. I used another basket for baby supplies. Keep in mind that I was organizing while Eli was crawling around so it was pretty difficult to keep things in order. But, I managed. I also neatly stacked the toilet paper in the back and put a few things on the side. Overall, I think it looks pretty organized.


That is it! Does anyone have a bathroom dilemma? If so, leave me a comment. Thanks!

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