Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

What a day it has been! This morning our electricity went out so I wasn't sure what to do. And to think I want to be Amish. I really do think the Amish are fascinating. Of course, I found a lot to do while Eli was taking his nap.

So, it is another wonderful week of "Sweetly Organize IT." Today, the "IT" is under the bed PART 1. Do you even know what is underneath your bed? Are there monsters, stale food or just random junk?

Well, today is your chance to see what is under our bed. It is a scary mess and I knew that I needed to clean it up. So here is a before photo. The mattresses were quite heavy but I managed to take care of it.


BEFORE-Long container

Step 1: Move the mattress and box spring.
Step 2: Arrange items in categories-tissue paper, gift bags, wrapping paper, boxes, ribbon, etc. (I have no idea what is under your bed so come along with me as I explain what I did to organize IT).
Step 3: If you have a nice long container that will fit underneath, use it for gift bags or boxes (I will need a second one for Part 2).
Step 4: First, I organized the long container full of gift bags. I sorted the bags according to size. Then I neatly folded my tissue paper and placed them by color.

AFTER-Long container

Step 5: Use boxes to store your ribbon. I have four different boxes for blue/purple/green, white/silver/black, red/pink and gold/yellow. I ran out of labeling tape (sad) so when I have money to purchase another one I will label the boxes so I don't have to search each box.


Step 6: Arrange items neatly under the bed before putting your box spring and mattress back on. I also have a flashlight by each side of the bed in case of an emergency.

It wasn't that bad, was it? There weren't even any monsters. Another piece of advice is to vacuum and dust before the last step. Stay tuned for Part 2 of organizing under your bed. Thanks for following along. I appreciate any comment(s).

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  1. I have one of those long containers and lots of wrapping paper under my bed and never thought to put them in the long container! Duh!
    Thanks for the inspiration to clean under the bed!!!


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