Friday, July 1, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Since, I'll be out of town, I'm posting this early. I have tried to use the post options but I haven't figured it out yet. If you have any tips, please let me know.

Happy 4th of July!

I decided for "Sweetly Organize IT,"
 I would show you how I decorated for the 4th of July. Of course, I did this post a week ago and saved it since I'm in California. That is how organized I am. I love to plan and be ready for anything and everything.  When you decorate, you need to know how to be organized as well. Where do you store your decorations?
I use blue containers I bought at Target. Then simply label it. You will be ready to pull the container out when the holiday arrives. Hooray!

So here are my decorations...

First, I looked around the house for anything that had red, white or blue on it.
I used red ornaments and placed them in the glass container. My mom sent me a few American decorations since my husband became a US citizen. If you didn't husband is from England. I know...pretty cool right? Yes, he has a nice accent which I love and he will always be British to me. Anyway, I used the heart shaped American flag for my decor. Also, my sister made the USA letters and I glued them onto blue paper and framed it. Pretty easy, right? Yes! I also used my beautiful blue china which worked out perfectly.

Did you notice the red YOU ARE SPECIAL plate? My grandma had a tradition of using the plate on our birthdays. I always looked forward to it. So, my mom gave me the plate for my 30th birthday. I think it relates to the 4th of July. We are all pretty special for being US citizens. Plus, it is red so it works perfectly.

I had a couple of U.S flags that I hung to give my kitchen a little red, white and blue flavor.

Did anyone else decorate for the 4th of July? It will pretty much stay till October since I don't have any summer decor. Oh well! I love it. Have a wonderful holiday.

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