Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

I'm so excited to share with you what I did for "Sweetly Organize IT."

I decided that it was time to organize my junk drawer. And believe WAS time. Do you have a junk drawer that needs a little TLC? I'm sure everyone has one. If not, you are one lucky duck.

So here is a BEFORE photo of my lovely junk drawer. Pretty messy, right?

Can you see any organization? No, way. Everything is just placed in a huge mess!
First, I took everything out and cleaned the drawer.

Since I was doing this drawer, I thought I would clean out my utensils drawer as well. So, I quickly organized my spoons, knives and forks. The drawer was simple and finished in about five minutes. So, if you have five minutes to spare, I suggest taking a look at your utensil drawer.

The only problem I had is the container doesn't stay in one place so I'll need another container to place next to it.

Next, I grouped all of my STUFF into categories such as pens, paper, tape, twisties, rubber bands, etc.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Do I just place everything back in the drawer and hope it doesn't move? I didn't have any thing to put my "stuff" in but then I got a brilliant idea. I decided to use some of my plastic containers. So, look around your home, I'm sure you have some sort of container that you could use for your junk drawer. We are now on a budget so it is fun to see what I have lying around the home.

What a beautiful site!  
So, I used a plastic container for the following:

-magnets (why do I have so many? Who knows?)
-push pins
-pens (it is actually a butter container)
-paper, rubber bands, twisties, flashlight, calculator, etc

I love these tiny containers. They are small and work great!

I decided to step back and look at my new organized drawer. I was quite proud of myself. So, if you have a drawer that you are proud of, please leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your success. Good luck! Till next time...


  1. Great job on organizing everything! Thanks for entering the giveaway, hope you stop by again today for a new giveaway ;)


  2. You should see my junk drawer. There's so much junk in there I can't close it too well.


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