Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Hey's Emilee from "Sweetly Made (Just for you)." It is another wonderful week of "Sweetly Organize IT." I have been working on re-organizing my basement (the "IT") and I finally finished. It was a mess and it was time for me to do something about it.

We have a lot of stuff! And sadly most of it is mine, not my husbands. I ended up not going through each container. Instead, I swept and put anything that was out of a container back in its spot. Also, since I tend to leave things on the fold up table, I put that against a wall so I wouldn't be tempted again.

Here is a photo of the things I stack on the fold up table. Yikes!

And here is the mess...I could hardly walk around in the basement.

So, if the photo above looks like your is time for a change.

It was a little overwhelming but I took one step at a time and got to work.

First, I moved some of the containers away from the messy area so I could re-organize them.

Then, I swept up any bugs and there were A LOT of them. Yuck! I only wish our basement was finished. I hardly ever go down there since there are nasty bugs and the floor is cold.

After I swept, I put one thing away at a time. Eventually everything was off of the table and in their correct containers. I also had an extra container since I'm giving away some things so I was able to use it for my Christmas decor.

One tip I learned last week from the Nate Berkus show is that if it doesn't fit in your container then get rid of it. So, first try and make it fit. If it doesn't...see what you can do without and donate it to your local deseret industries. I'm not a fan of yard sales. They are long, boring and a waste of time. I think it is better to donate your used items than trying to get a buck from your stuff.

Anyway, I finally finished re-organizing. I know it isn't perfect but it works. Now, I can actually move around in the basement. Check out these after photos...

Are you ready to re-organize? Well, get to work. Till next time...


  1. It looks so goooood! I am totally jealous of your organization skills. Mine are terrible. I am going to try to organize my christmas stuff. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. Good work! Looks great! What a good feeling to have it done.


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