Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

I decided that for "Sweetly Organize IT," I would re-organize ("IT") my basement over the next couple of weeks. I am going to do one or two containers at a time since it is a huge task and I have an eleven month old who likes to get into EVERYTHING.

When Eli was born, my mom and dad organized all of my containers downstairs. It was a mess since I was pregnant and didn't feel like putting anything away. I'm not sure what my excuse is these days but it is a mess again. I know...embarrassing right?? Well, I guess we all have our little "messes." Mine ended up in the basement since it isn't finished and it is our second garage. So, here are a few photos of what my mom did about eleven months ago.

 Did I mention that she is a professional organizer and she worked with what I had? She even bought me a few extra containers and some labeling tape. Thanks mom!

Doesn't my basement look clean and de-cluttered? Well, here is what it looks like these days...

Does it look like I care about my things? Nope! I guess it is just easier to place them on the table.

Yikes, my mom will be so disappointed. But, that is life. So, if you have a messy area or garage that needs re-organizing...get started.

Step 1-I'm working on one area at a time since my time is limited and plus it can get overwhelming. So, first choose an area to work on.

Step 2-Go through the container(s). If you haven't used an item for more than a year, it is time to throw it out or give it away. I don't do garage sales. I give my old things away to the DI (Deseret Industries). There is always someone who can use it. Plus, garage sales take up an entire day and you don't get much in return except for greedy customers who will pay a dime for your $100 suit, etc.

Step 3-Simply organize the container so everything fits in nicely. For example: If you have baby clothes, fold them and place them in order by size. I'm working on my baby clothes containers. Another idea is to put the clothes by size in plastic bags. After you do that, write on them with a permanent ink pen. Since, we aren't done having children I'm going to just fold the clothes and keep everything.

Step 4-Label your containers.

Step 5-Put the containers back and group them in categories. For example: All of my Christmas containers are normally red and they are grouped together. Also, I'll put my other holiday containers in one area.

Step 6-Wait till next week to take care of another container or two.

It really is one step at a time.

Another reason, I'm only doing a couple of containers at a time is because we installed a gate at the top of the stairs. Since the basement is our dungeon, I thought I would bring a container or two up so I could look through them.

So, this will be my project for the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned. Till next time...

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