Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Hey's Emilee from Sweetly Made (Just for you). Happy Memorial day! I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday. It is another week of "Sweetly Organize IT" and I get excited each time to share what I know about organizing. So, the "IT" today is labeling. I love Labels!!! If you haven't visited Ginger Snaps {HERE}, please do so because Ginger makes the best labels. A couple of months ago, I won 9 labels and wasn't sure what to do with them until...I found these awesome jars from IKEA. 

So, first I gathered the sugar, rice, flour and brown sugar. Then, I simply placed the labels on the jar.
Hooray! Instant beauty!

Yes, I have to admit, this one was pretty easy to explain. But, I wanted to share with you my LOVE for labels. I really do get excited. If you haven't added Whoopdwhoop to your favorites, I suggest that you do. You simply swap your homemade items with other items. I'm getting some goody bag names from Ginger. I'm going to use them for Eli's first birthday. Oh how I'm having a ton of fun preparing for his 1st birthday. I'll have to show you pictures from his party. It will be a blast! Well, please let me know if this was helpful for you. Labels really do come in handy especially if you have a husband who wants your help finding something in the kitchen or around the home. Till next time...


  1. Oh my goodness your jars make the labels look so good!!! Love how you did it!! :)


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