Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sweetly Organize IT

Hey's Emilee from Sweetly Made (Just for you). Guess what?? It is another wonderful week of Sweetly Organize IT. Don't you love those words? I sure do. It brings me so much happiness to have order in my home. Anyway, today I decided that I needed to re-organize my kitchen pantry. So, the "IT" will be re-organizing the second part of my pantry. It seems that I can't be fully organized with a ten month old. I feel that I'm always organizing one area of the house and re-organizing it again a few weeks later. Well, that is the way it goes. I know that the before and after pictures look similar but the bottom shelf was really starting to bug me. There really is a difference. So, what did I do?

1- First, I took everything out except for the plastic containers that were already organized.

2- I sorted all of the papers, etc found on the bottom shelf. Remember, one thing at a time so you won't feel overwhelmed. It really took awhile to get it all sorted. But, of course I was feeding Elijah (my cute son in the picture below) so I took quite a lot of breaks.

3- I bought three more plastic containers since I had three new categories-Office, Giveaways and Announcements/Christmas cards (I'm not sure on the title so if you have an opinion, please let me know).

4- Since my label machine needs new tape, I'll have to hold off on making my labels. However, if you have a label machine with new tape, go ahead and make those fun labels. You can see that some of the plastic containers do have the labels. Now, I have more space on the bottom shelf for more crafty bins. Yippee!


Now, isn't he cute or what???


So, was that easy or hard? Not too bad. Now, I feel a lot better. Thanks and have a wonderful week. Till next time...

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