Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet Tutorials

Hey's Emilee from Sweetly Made (Just for you). Are you ready for another "SWEET TUTORIAL?" Well, this week, I'm going to take a break from knitting. I know...I'm so sorry. But, I'm getting ready to do a baby shower and I thought I would make some sweet pom poms. Have you made them before? If not, check out my tutorial.

First, I had to put on my new craft apron that I won in a giveaway. Yippee! I love it.

Okay, now that you have your crafty apron on...let's get started.

You will need some tissue paper, twist ties and scissors.

Next, stack 8-10 pieces of tissue paper and make 1 1/2 inch accordion folds. Crease with each fold.

Now, fold in half and place a twist tie in the middle. You can get these from the grocery store (produce section). They worked pretty well if you use two together.

Use your scissors to round the edges as shown above.

Carefully separate each layer. Do it very carefully or the tissue paper will rip.

Done! Don't they look beautiful. Now, try doing the pink polka dot tissue paper.

Yippee! Now, I have some cute decor for my baby shower. I'm so happy! I found that the black tissue paper was the easiest to work with. Now, wasn't that easy or what?

Till next time...


  1. Super Cute! And to think Martha Stewart sells those kits for $15~

  2. I love the poka dot flower!

  3. Hi Emilee,

    These pom poms are super cute! We would LOVE for you to stop over and link up in our Crafty Showcase. We also have a linky for ETSY/Craft Business owners so feel free to links your ETSY items, too!

    Have a great weekend,


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