Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday, I received two awards-The versatile Blogger award and the Stylish blogger award from one of my favorite blogs-Ginger Snaps found {HERE}. Yes, I know I've mentioned Ginger before but she was sweet enough to give me not one but two awards. Personally, I don't think my blog has too much style. However, I'll be privileged to work with So Stylized soon to fix that problem. More to come on that subject. Now, I must thank Ginger for her thoughtfulness. Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

So apparently, there were some rules to accept the awards...

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave it to you. (DONE-THANKS AGAIN)

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award 15 newly discovered blogs you love. Yikes! How do I narrow my favorite blogs down to 15?

Well, here it goes...

#2 Seven things about me...

#1-I've been married for almost seven years to Adrian. He is actually from England and I adore him. He makes me laugh and I love his accent. We met in 2003 at BYU. Adrian got the courage to ask me to take him to his accounting party (our first date). I still laugh about it! So, I acted like his "significant other" and took him to his professors house. It was interesting but that night I saw the real Adrian-he was actually a gentleman. I wasn't sure about going on a second date with him since I knew my friend had a crush on him. So, I asked my mom and she said to go for it. We went on A LOT more dates but finally decided to get married. We were married in the SLC temple on August 17th 2004.

#2-We have the cutest 11 month old son named Elijah. I know...I am biased but truly he is the cutest baby ever. Secretly, I can't wait to have another one but hope that he/she looks like me this time. Oh, and it better be a girl! J/K I would love a girl...I mean another boy!

#3-I'm from Agoura, California and I miss the beach, sun, rollerblading on Santa Monica Pier, traffic (I know, that sounds crazy but I do), California license plates, Newport beach, South Coast plaza (probably the best mall ever), and my parents and brother (I have two brothers and two sisters-most live here). Okay, so we hope to go to Newport Beach for the 4th of July. We shall see what happens...

#4-I'm obviously in LOVE with knitting. My grandma taught me in 2005 and I have loved it ever since. I started making Christmas stockings for family members and close friends. Then...I started knitting for other people and the name Sweetly Made (Just for you) was created. I love new challenges but get frustrated just like the rest of the group.

#5-I love entering giveaways and receiving an email that says, "Congrats, you won my giveaway!" I guess I love free things so I will enter as many giveaways as I can. I also love giving items away so be sure to come back here. I'll be doing a giveaway next week.

#6-I love crafts! It is no wonder that I am an avid knitter. I love creating things with my hands especially when the project is completed. However, I will critique it to make sure it is exactly how I wanted it.

#7-I love to travel. I've been very lucky because I've been to England (twice), Germany, Holland, Switzerland (my favorite), Washington DC (twice), Hawaii, Florida, Missouri, and we lived in Texas for eighteen months. So, it has been a fun adventure. We actually went to Europe for our honeymoon and hope to visit again.

Well, that is ME in a nutshell.

Here are 15 new blogs that I would like to

award The Versatile Blogger & The Stylish Blogger Award to. Please check them out!
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  1. I love finding out more about my blogging friends. :) I'm from Texas. :) How'd you like it?? :)



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