Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Tutorials

Hey's Emilee from Sweetly Made (Just for you). Are you excited for a new tutorial? Today, I'm going to teach you how to purl. Do you remember how to knit? Well, this time you will learn the second basic stitch.

So, get out your supplies-a ball of yarn and your knitting needles (I am using a size 10 US 6). Cast on 20 stitches or whatever you want to practice the purl stitch. Here we go...

First, insert right needle from back to front as shown above. It is pretty similar to the knit stitch but the direction is different.

Wrap the yarn from the skein around the point of the right needle. The yarn now lies between the two needles.

Now you are going to take the right needle down, under and up in front of the left needle.
The right needle holds a new loop. But wait.. there is one more step...push the loop on the left needle up and over to complete the stitch. See pictures below.

Do it again and again till you have all of the stitches transferred to the right needle. Follow the pictures below.

Keep going! You are almost done.

All finished! Now, keep practicing the purl stitch till you have it down. Wasn't that easy? Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help. These are very basic steps with pictures so I hope you are learning how to knit well. Next week, we will put the purl and knit stitch together. Till next time...

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