Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New series-"Sweet Tutorials"

Hey bloggers...It's Emilee here from Sweetly Made (Just for you). I am excited to announce another new series called, "Sweet Tutorials."

Are you excited yet???

I sure am because I decided to show you the how tos of knitting, crafts and whatever else I do. I love it! So, for "Sweet Tutorials" #1 I'm going to show you how to cast on.

Long story short...I started knitting in 2005. I decided that I needed to know how to knit Christmas stockings since my grandmother was getting older. She made all of our Christmas stockings growing up so I knew I needed to take on the task to carry on the fun tradition. I asked and she was delighted. My first stocking was for my niece Emma and I made four more that year. Now, I get to make stockings for random strangers (whom some have become my friends) and of course family. It has been a fun hobby and I'm delighted to show you how to knit as well. So here you go...
 Step #1-You will need some yarn and some knitting needles. I normally use Red heart yarn and a size 8 US 5.0 mm. However, there are some really awesome knitting stores (especially in Utah) where you can buy some softer yarn.

Step #2-You will need enough yarn to cast on and sew in the ends so leave a short tail as shown above.

Step #3-Make a slipknot and place a needle through as shown above.

Step #4-Pull the two ends tight so you have one stitch on the needle. Wahoo! You did it! You have created your first cast on stitch. Way to go!

Step #5-Next, wind yarn in left hand over thumb (from the back of the yarn, down and over). With right hand place needle through and wind the yarn back to front. Push yarn with thumb up and over and you should have two stitches on your needle.

 Step #6-Continue to do step #5 till you have the correct amount of CO (cast on) stitches. For example: I CO 60 stitches for my Christmas stockings. For you, CO how many you want till you have it down.

Also, I have some fantastic news....I'm going to be featured on A Law Student's Journey today so check it out. I'm so excited especially because Kitty, a first year law student agreed to spotlight me. She loves blogging about crafts, giveaways, law school, recipes and t-shirt crafts. I just love how she has a life outside of school. Shouldn't we all have a fun hobby to share with others? I think so.

As for my "sweet tutorial," if you have any questions, please let me know. It does take practice but it wasn't too hard, was it??
I know you can do it. Till next time...


  1. Awesome tutorial!!! You explained everything so clearly!

  2. Great Tutorial!I will have to give this a try.
    Hey Emilee, I am going to a blog conference this weekend to drum up some followers on my new blog We are going to have a week of giveaways starting April 17 as a blog warming party. If you want to sponsor a giveaway I can do a post about your site and direct everyone your way. Let me know if you are interested. The blog is officially "open" on Monday but you can check it out now.
    :) Whitney


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