Monday, March 21, 2011

New Series-"Sweetly Organize IT"

I decided that I wanted to add a new series called, "Sweetly Organize IT" to my blog.

The "IT" is anything that needs a little TLC. Since I am a "stay at home mommy," I continue to find new AREAS (the "IT") to organize. I must say, there are quite a lot! I love organizing so if you are in the same boat, then find one area and get to work.

Each week, I'll do a new project and post about it. I'll try and take before and after pictures but since I thought of the new series a tad bit late, I'll try and remember for next time or sometime in the future. Here are steps to organizing your bills, papers, etc...



2 storage bins

hanging file folders

Pendaflex file folders

Label machine

First, I bought a second storage bin (well actually I won a $25 CSN gift card from a giveaway I entered). You can find the storage bin HERE for about $15.49. I have a lot of papers so one bin wasn't enough. They happen to match as well. I love coordinating any storage bin. It looks so much nicer when they coordinate. Next, make an alphabetical list of all of your categories and sub-categories. For example: AUTO (category), 2007 Honda (Sub-category). Now comes the dirty work...organize your papers according to the categories you wrote down.

My papers were already organized and I wish I had a before shot because it was a mess. So, I decided to color coordinate. I put the red hanging folders with the red Pendaflex folders, blue hanging folders with the blue Pendaflex folders, etc...

Last, I created labels for each category. I haven't quite finished because I ran out of tape but I will need to create labels for my sub-categories. I put the labels inside the plastic labels (they come with the hanging folders). Then I created a label for A-L and M-Z and attached each one to the storage bins. I did put in the extra green, orange and purple folders in the back. I'll need to find a different spot but for now I'll leave them there. Done! Two neatly organized storage bins. I love it!

You will notice the picture below has different colored plastic tabs. Well, that is what I had so I will change those later but for now, it doesn't look too bad.

Isn't life grand when things are organized? And yes, I take after my mother. Till next time...


  1. Thanks for your visit to my little blog and for entering the giveaway! Your stockings are incredible! What a talent!
    Dana @ D'Lea Designs

  2. I bet that feels good to be organized! ey are just darling!! Love the egg! Thank you for entering my apron giveaway, good luck!



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