Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family of Snowmen/Snowwomen

I love how these turned out because they coordinate. Also, the colors get me really excited for Christmas. Just think, Christmas is just around the corner. Thank you all for supporting me and ordering these Christmas Stockings. It brings me joy to knit them especially for you.


  1. Emilee......they turned out spectacular! I love them! I will send you an e-mail within the next few days regarding the one stocking "on-hold" awaiting the new baby's name. I think we have a final decision.
    Thank you so much! Patty

  2. Where can I get this pattern? I think it is the same or at least very similar to the one my grandma used when she made the stockings for my siblings and I. Now I am married and have my own child would like to make a set for my family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks:)


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